How Alaskalux Came To Be

Laura and Melissa Then and Now

Laura and Melissa, friends for over 30 years, love hand-crafting soy candles inspired by their favorites aspects of Alaska - especially Kodiak Island’s maritime climate. They started Alaskalux in the spring of 2021, and now work together to make clean, high-quality candles that bring the mystique of Alaska to their friends and family and customers nation-wide.  

After overwhelming enthusiasm for the candles from the early samples, they decided to branch out and begin selling their candles online and in retail stores. Melissa first sold the candles in her indie bookstore on Kodiak, The Islander Bookshop , and the candles kept selling out as people kept coming back for more! Now Alaskalux is sold in retail stores in Alaska and the Lower 48. 

Due to the increasing demand for Alaskalux candles and the temperamental Kodiak weather, we have started shipping from two locations.  Alaska, Oregon, and Washington candle orders are sent directly from Alaska because of proximity.  Our goal is to have your order delivered as quickly as possible while preserving the quality of the soy wax (shipping in summer time is particularly delicate due to high heat so speed is very important during those months).

We are an Alaska-based company headquartered on Kodiak Island. Alaskalux hand-pours 100% soy wax candles.  Alaskalux makes sure that all fragrances used in the candles are toxin-free and clean-burning.  

Laura's favorite fragrance is the Mug-Up candle which she uses every morning to start her day.

Melissa prefers the Emerald Isle candle for everyday burning in her home to keep the house smelling fresh.

Pick out your favorite candle to use daily in your home.