How to Speak Alaskan

Emerald Isle

Kodiak island is known as being the Emerald Isle because every summer the hills and mountains burst with plant growth.  What will start out in the spring as foot high beach grass will be over seven foot tall grass by the middle of August.  Our island sparkles in the summertime in the middle of the North Pacific.


Gathering for a cup of coffee and talking about how the fishing season is going is a long and treasured tradition on Kodiak.  Mug-Up is the term for getting together and catching up over a steaming cup of coffee. 

Siren's Song

Since the days of Homer's Odyssey stories, sailors have been tempted to steer their boats onto the rocks following the sweet melodies from dangerous sea creatures.  In modern days on the island, a siren's song means the pull towards the sea or the pull towards home that a fisherman feels after a long season away.

Marine Fog

Hot summer Alaskan days often bring in a grey mist. It rolls through the mountain passes, and up the channel into town turning a once hot day into a chilly afternoon.  The town becomes blanketed in fog no higher than 50 feet.  Thankfully, there is often time to grab a coat as you see the marine fog roll in because you know it's going to get chilly.

Driftwood and Beachgrass

As Alaskan's, we love our trails, especially the ones that end at stunning beaches such as Buskin Beach on Kodiak Island.  One of the first signs of spring are the delicate shoots of beachgrass poking up through the winter's storm delivery of driftwood aged by the sea and the sun.  

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