Alaskalux is your source for clean-burning, toxin-free soy candles which capture the best of the Alaskan experience.

Looks Good, Burns Better

Our 100% all-natural soy candles have toxin-free fragrance
& burn with less soot than paraffin candles.

So that means you can burn beautiful candles with a clear mind.
Time to sit back and relax with your new candle from Alaskalux.

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Comfortable & Cozy

Alaskan Lifestyle

As an Alaskan-based company, we know how to make a home warm and inviting. We get good at it fast to survive and thrive during our long, dark Alaskan winters. We've long since embraced the fact that lighting a candle is one of the easiest ways to add comfort into any room. Bring that coziness into your home with an Alaskalux candle today.

Why We Do What We Do
Alaskalux Marine Fog 7 Ounce Soy CandleAlaskalux Emerald Isle 7 Ounce Soy CandleAlaskalux Alaskan Hygge (Hoo-gah) 7 Ounce Soy CandleAlaskalux Driftwood & Beachgrass 7 Ounce Soy CandleAlaskalux Siren's Song 7 Ounce Soy Candle

Behind the Name

The Story Behind the Fragrance Names

Each of our candles have a reference to a slice of Alaskan lifestyle. Do you like to gather with friends over a cup of coffee? Mug Up is for you. Are you a little relieved when it's a rainy day, and you can stay inside and relax? Then Marine Fog matches you. Discover more about the story behind each Alaskalux candle.

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It's all about how Alaskalux candles make you feel...


Siren's Song is a favorite of mine as it makes me feel pampered as if on an Alaskan cruise or at a fine resort. Its intimate and subtle fragrance is great to use in bedrooms as well as bathrooms. I especially like using it in my powder room for guests to enjoy.

Margie W.

Highlands, NC


I love lighting Emerald Isle when I've just finished cleaning the house. It creates a calm mood in my home.

Judy F.

Sterling, AK


The bronze tins adds a perfect touch to my living room. My favorite scent is Mug-Up.


Humbolt, CA


The perfect addition to your nightly bubble bath is the Driftwood & Beachgrass candle. It has a lovely scent and creates a calming effect at the end of my long work day.

Lisa P.

Jacksonville, FL


I sent this to my best friend to remind her of our last girls trip to Alaska.

Nancy U.

Seattle, WA


The Emerald Isle scent is my favorite scent. It has a calming effect that takes my mind off the craziness around me. I'm also sensitive to super strong smells and these candles are just the right amount of fragrance.

Abigale S.

Little Rock, AR


I highly recommend these; they are a high quality candle.

Matt K.

Anchorage, AK

Small Business on

Kodiak Island

Our business is headquartered on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Located in the North Pacific and home to the largest brown bears in the world, we are a small, women-owned business.

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Customize Alaskalux For Your Next Event

Alaskalux offers label and fragrance customization for your event. Simply fill out our three question form and we will work with you to create a custom label. Hit it out of the park with a customized candle - perfect for thank you gifts, event bags, and more!

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