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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I burn my candle the first time?

The firs time your light your candle, make sure to burn long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the container.  If the candle is not allowed to melt to the edge, especially on first burn, a memory ring can form and make the candle tunnel in your future burns. Memory rings will decrease your burn time and your fragrance throw (smell).

Why does my candle look lumpy when it burns down and cools?

Soy is a bit of a delicate wax to work with and burn.  It hardens over time and this can account for structural changes in the wax as it burns.  This is 100% completely normal.  There is nothing wrong with your candle. It more has to do with the rate of cooling after the candle has burned.  The lumpiness you may encounter is how you know that your candle is made from 100% all natural soy wax.  The lumpiness will resolve once the candle is burning again and will not affect the performance of your candle.

Why does my candle turn yellowish in the sun? 

UV light can affect the soy wax and essential oils in some candles.  When a candle has a vanilla essential oil added to the wax, there is a chance that the wax may turn yellow with exposure to direct sunlight. This discoloration will not affect the performance of the candle or fragrance throw.  

Why does the candle look swirled or looks frosted?

Since we are using 100% all natural soy way, it has a tendency to have variations of a swirled or frosted look. This look will not affect the performance of your candle.

Why is my candle sweating?

Soy wax has a lower melt point and will start to sweat. Remember to keep your soy candle out of direct sunlight or hot areas as this can cause your candle to sweat.

I have allergies to fragrance will these candles bother my allergies?

Honestly, it's hard to say. We have customers who report they are allergic to fragrances and can burn these candles. However, we make no assurances that Alaskalux candles will not bother allergies as each person is unique. We use toxin-free fragrances that meet the guidelines of California Prop. 65 to help mitigate this issue.  

What about candle quality during summer shipments?

Alaskalux is an Alaska-based company, headquartered on Kodiak Island.  We found out quickly that if candles are in transit for a protracted amount of time (especially during the summer) that the soy wax will begin to turn into a soft butter-like consistency. We knew we needed to solve this problem immediately. In order to provide the best quality soy candle we ship from two locations.