Why We Do What We Do

1. We simply love the process of making candles.

Our business is built on the love of the entire process of candle-making.  From the wicking of tins, to the rigorous selection of fragrances, it's simply fun to hand-craft candles for your enjoyment.

2. We're passionate about sharing Alaska with people far and wide.

Whether you live in Alaska, been here on a cruise, or simply dream about visiting this great state we're there with you.  There is something extremely unique and wonderful about Alaska.

3. We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge with others.

Life is too short to not share knowledge. We love researching and experimenting with new candle processes and care. To find out more about candle care visit our instagram page at www.instagram.com/alaskalux.

4. We know that kindness can be a powerful force for good.

In our business, we embrace the kind not cool approach to authenticity. So you'll see real women, working together to craft a small business.  We're not perfect, but we strive to always be kind to ourselves, each other, and every one of our customers in the hope that kindness will spread.

5. As busy moms ourselves, we know that the simple act of lighting a candle can bring a sense of peace to a busy day.

We know your self-care is often the last item on your daily list. We created Alaskalux candles to help you reconnect with yourself, the person underneath the to-do list.  Put down the heavy list, light your Alaskalux candle, be kind to yourself, and simply breathe.